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Julie Anne Photography film

During November/December last year, I worked on a promo film for photographer extraordinaire Julie Skelton (owner of Julie Anne Images). This was to be featured on her website and Social Media channels. I wanted to give an insight behind the scenes of how I worked with Julie to craft a film that best reflected her work and business. 

The aims of the project were to show potential customers the full experience of having a photoshoot, whether it's for a wedding, engagement or family portrait. It was also key to get across the great working relationship Julie has with her clients and the end product of owning quality photos you can cherish. 

Experience - Most of Julie's clients have never had their photos taken professionally before. This can cause many to feel apprehensive and nervous at the thought of having a camera constantly watching their every move! So the aim was to demonstrate how Julie enables you to feel at ease in her company and how she creates an environment which is relaxing and enjoyable. This was why I decided to film Julie doing a real engagement shoot, showing she's true to her word! 

Relationship - Film promos give the opportunity to see the face behind the business. This is especially key to Julie in her profession as a photographer. I wanted Julie's warm, friendly personality to shine through to help give confidence to potential customers. I was careful to not make it become Julie's life story (no red book in sight), but instead made sure I balanced it with the needs of the viewer.   

Product - It was crucicial to show off the photography Julie offers to give viewers a taste of her style and professional finish. This was done by showing the results from the engagement shoot in the film and panning shots from previous shoots (weddings and engagements). 

We shot the production at two locations. Two thirds were filmed at the stunning Waverley Abbey near Farnham, Surrey (also used as a location in the upcoming Hollywood film Into The Woods!). Julie uses this as one of the locations for her engagement shoots. Everything about it fitted perfectly for the tone of the film.


The last part of the film was then shot at Julie's home/office to show the editing process. This gave an insight not usually seen by the customer - always great to give extra insight to the viewer, people are nosey! (e.g like the bonus features on a DVD)

It was great to work for Julie on this project (ending up with some fab bonus behind the scene pics!). I enjoyed the opportunity of representing the amazing work she does and crafting it into a story to give potential clients confidence in what she can offer. Check out her work at

See the finished film below:


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