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Top adverts of 2014

At the end of every month throughout this year, I will be posting a list of my favourite adverts of the month that feature online or on TV. Most of the adverts are in the style of productions that Off the Whale Media can offer. To kick things off, here is a round up of the adverts of 2014 that caught my eye:


Kindle - Paper and Pen

Fun and clever puppetry advert for Amazon Kindle, showing the features off very clearly and in a very original way.


Boots - #specialbecause (Christmas ad)

My favourite ad this Christmas (a bit controversial after the popularity of Sainsburys and John Lewis). Clever build up and emotional finish, (I’ll admit, I let out a little tear watching this one).


Weetabix On The Go - Egg

Love the simplicity and clear message. Bit of a fan of hand expressions which this ad uses brilliantly. 


Save the Children - Most shocking Second a Day

Powerful message and clever way of helping us identify with those suffering. Shooting the whole advert of just the girl was an ingenious idea, showing her emotion throughout.


Barclays - Hamster Ad

Great way of advertising a subject which isn’t the most interesting to market. Loving the hamster voiceover.


John Lewis - Monty the Penguin

Nice to see John Lewis going back to their old style of Christmas advertising, directed by the brilliant Dougal Wilson.


Ikea - The Other Christmas

This Ikea advert from Argentina highlights in a very quirky way that Christmas is not all about the presents. 


The Sunday Times - Icons

One of my favourites of 2014 directed by Us. Very original, clever transitions and imagery you instantly recognise.


I’ve probably left out some gems *cough* Sainsbury’s *cough*, which is why I’d love to hear from you too. What were your favourite adverts of 2014? Drop a comment and a link to the advert below.