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Please don't stop the music


Music is a crucial ingredient to any film. It depicts the mood and helps convey the message you're wanting to put across to your audience. With the growth of the internet comes the abundant amount of resources available, especially for filmmakers. Since starting work as Off the Whale Media, I've used a range of websites to find the right song for my projects, but many people aren't aware of what's available. Below I've listed three websites I use for soundtrack licensing with details of what they can offer:



Music Bed

This is the daddy of music soundtrack libraries. Most of the music on the Music Bed is so good, I usually begin adding it to my Spotify playlists. Songs that feature on The Music Bed are by upcoming artists or those about to make it in the industry. A lot of the tracks are also available as just instrumental or the original recordings. There's a wide range of genres and all the tracks are produced to the highest quality. With such great soundtracks comes a higher price tag  compared to its competitors, but it's worth every penny. If you have the budget available, I would definitely recommend them.  



Premium Beat

Premium Beat is a great site for films with smaller budgets. Good range of soundtracks which again are well produced and can effectively enhance your film. The tracks produced on the website are recorded by music producers and are mainly instrumental. I've used this site a number of times for projects and again comes highly recommended. 



 Song Freedom 

Song Freedom features a well-known collection of tracks from Etta James to One Republic. However, they differ on whether the licenses are allowed for commercial use. Like The Music Bed, they offer original or instrumental recordings. Worth checking out as with some of the tracks, you can find yourself a cheeky deal!


What websites do you use to find the right soundtrack for your film? Which is your favourite? Drop a comment below and let me know if I've missed out on any gems.