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So here it is! The Off the Whale Media website has arrived. The hope is this will give you a feel for the kind of work and process on offer. Making films to be used online is not only great fun but also a fantastic tool with which to engage your audience.

You now have the opportunity to speak to hundreds if not thousands of people at once and create the opportunity to grow and be heard by many. We know how much people don't enjoy ready copious amounts of copy (which is why I shall keep this brief...) but film can be used as an excellent way to get your message across.  

I (Luke) shall be reguarly posting on the Off the Whale blog on various topics. From tips on creating film to behind the scenes on current projects. I'll also be posting the latest films and advertisements for you to be inspired by and enjoy. These will usually be similar to what we can offer you at Off the Whale.

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