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5 great ads of 2015 so far...


So we're in March (where has the time gone!) and already, we've seen some great video ads appearing online and on TV. Here are 5 adverts that made me stand up and take notice: 


Heart Foundation

This advert is brilliant. So minimalist yet the message is so clear.


Samsung Galaxy Note

Love adverts like this. Another creative and visually compelling film by Vallee Duhamel for Samsung Galaxy Note.


Virgin Atlantic

Big budget advert by Virgin Atlantic, delivers with its many visual cues and entertaining storyline.


BBC iPlayer

Clever way of including its target audience with very real modern day examples of when to use BBC iPlayer (definitely resonated with the sleepover scenario).


iPad Air 2

I admit, I'm a sucker for Apple advertising. However their latest ad for the iPad Air 2 has a very different feel to it - as their strapline suggests - which works very well...again!