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Best ads of 2015 (Part 2)


A few months back I shared a blog post of what were some of the best ads of 2015 so far... Today's post continues the theme, looking at more online and TV advertisements that have caught my eye. 


Braun - Ready for the next level 


Brilliant mix of old school video game nostalgia and use of character transition (boy to man). Everything about this hits it's target audience of 16-30 yr old men very nicely.


Honda - Keep Up


Honda yet again have produced another quality advert. The delivery is very unique and engaging, making it hard to ignore as it pops up on the internet or in a TV ad break


 Gap Kids - Treasure Box


Love this prop animation ad for Gap Kids. Very visual, great use of sound effects and effectively gets across a message in the space of 15 seconds!


 M&S - Taste of the British Isles


I hold my hands up for being a bit of a sucker for M&S ads. This does not disappoint. Great range of shots and camera angles.


Expedia UK - Travel Yourself Interesting


My last ad pick featured in a previous post '20 seconds is all you need'. Still one of my favourites so far this year. Great voiceover, use of slapstick and clear messaging.


Do you agree with the 5 ads I've picked? What have been your favourite ads this year? Would love hear your thoughts.

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