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Best ads of 2016 (It's back!)


It's been so long but it's good to be back! Below are a list of my favourite ads (TV and online) which have caught my eye throughout 2016. Afraid there are no Christmas ads this time (thought they weren't that great this year). Enjoy! 


Audi R8 - The Eye


Audi have done some greats ads this year (also check out their T-rex advert). The visual and sounds effects in this ad really put the viewer in the driving seat. Love the eye movements!


Instagram - A New Look


Well it's fair to say Instagram got a lot of stick for their rebrand last year. However their rebrand film is really stunning. Visually showing the creative process behind their 'New Look'.


Mr Porter - Introducing The Style Council


Great example of minimalist stop motion to display the services of Mr Porter. Lovely transitions and storytelling to get everything across in 45 seconds!


Bose - Get Closer


Another great example of visually getting across what the product does. But what's really bugging me is how did they film in London with no one around!?!? 


Oxfam Stories - Shop, Donate, Volunteer


Fantastic transitions to show the connection between Oxfam stores and how the money spent is used in needy countries. Like the fact this Charity ad has a positive feel to it too.


Wimbledon - Every Point 


I love the way BBC do their sporting highlight segments. Here's another example advertising Wimbledon 2016. Really makes you feel part of the action.


Save the Children - Every Last Child


Another charity advert (very different to Oxfam) which brilliantly displays all the work being done to reach 'every last child'. 


Do you agree with the ads I've picked? Anything I've missed out? Would love hear your thoughts.

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